Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Tour - Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Home Tour.

Log stairs:
Upstairs landing:
The boy's bedroom:
The girls' bedroom:
Master bedroom:
The Attic:
(to be continued...)


Carrie said...

Continue, continue! I want to see your house decorated for Christmas! :-)

Beloved's Bride said...

Me too!!! Continue... I am about green with envy! I adore log homes. ;)

I went through your archives since I was so curious when I read "tennessee to washington" and now I am about to explode to know if the Country Pantry (which I never named in my archives) the very same store in the Elkton area?!

We are moving this summer. We were to go to Washington State but we have a 2 year detour so to speak and then we get to move there.

Jamie said...

Carrie and Carmen: The maybe you really want to see bathrooms? laundry room? messy office? :) And Carrie, Christmas IS coming!

Carmen: CP (aka our very favorite store ever!) is the one halfway between Guthrie and Trenton. We were there at least once a week...wouldn't it be funny if we crossed paths there and never knew it?

Two years until you get here, huh? I'll start watching for a log home for you :)

Beloved's Bride said...

Yes. It is the very same store! I adore all their items. We also go to the tack shop and also the bread store just down the road that the area has as well.

We had a farm house in Adams off of exit 11 so we would visit CP often.

We asked to move when Iceman was to move out of the Regiment position. We asked to go to Washington or to the step above our unit. Beloved got pulled by a General to go to the step above our unit for 2 years. We are excited but we do want to get out to the other end of the States.

Beloved's position has him deployed with our Savannah Crew and our Washington Crews on a regular basis. Do you happen to be a unit sister?

Jamie said...

Why, yes, as a matter of fact I am! My husband has been thinking up all sorts of creative ways for me to "identify" myself to you, but the "unit sister" tag has them all beat. It just sounds so much nicer than most of the other words/phrases I could use!

We were originally slated to go to Savannah, but we asked to either stay where we were (oh, how we miss our church and neighbors there!) or come to WA (oh, how we love being close to family again!).

Now if only I could find a store like CP in this neck of the woods... :)

Beloved's Bride said...

giggle...Extremely Exciting!!

Well, we will just keep the unit sister between us unless you want an influx of snoops (aka: unit sisters) on your blog! And that would come from all three locations... by the way! They tend to read and either leave a comment on the blog or text me on the phone when I announce something in clues which is unit related or pregnancy related! ;)

I find it funny that they find anything I have to say remotely interesting! I really believe that they enjoy thinking eventually I am the train wreck ready to happen... for how can anyone have 4 children, go to church, homeschool and still be sane? lol.

So, are you a hawk or a hook? And, has the Iceman every had the pleasure of flying with your hubby?

Kirsten said...

Have I mentioned that I love your house? When can we move in?

Jamie said...

Carmen: Thanks for keeping me under the radar! :) We're new enough that I've only met a few of the wives here, but that's ok with me... for now, anyway. I've found that our having 4 kids doesn't raise eyebrows so much, nor church attendance, but my husband gets lots of comments from coworkers (hawk, by the way) about homeschooling...mostly questioning my sanity! :)

I snuck my email address into a comment on your blog...hope you get time to email me so we can "talk" with more details! :)

Jamie said...

Kirsten: I love my house, too, so the only way you get to move in is if you house/dog/cat sit for me someday. But you're welcome to come visit...just leave your furniture at home! :)