Monday, January 23, 2012

The Loft

Have I ever shown you the neat little loft we have in our bedroom?
It's small, but it's got great light from the skylight.

It was horribly dirty and dusty when we moved in, and the carpet reeked from a decade of dust and cigarette smoke, so I pulled up the carpet a few months ago and the kids helped me clean the floor and railings thoroughly.

We've been using the loft for storage, partly because it was so dirty, but mostly because the only way to get to it was through the pull-down ladder to the attic at the other end of the house.

See? There's a space for a ladder at one end,
but no ladder.

That's where my oh-so-handy husband came in. I showed him the Jefferson ladder I wanted, and he built it.
Now I can start working on transforming the loft from storage space into living space!


Beloved's Bride said...


Anonymous said...

OK lady...where have I been for the last 6, or so, months? I didn't know you snagged a great log home. YAY!!! SO excited for you. 2 Quick questions...then back to work. How deep is your well? What kind of pump did you install?


BTW...what was with the Christmas card...that DID NOT contain a picture of that family of yours! Shocking! How could you!!! :)

Jamie said...

My dear ... Anonymous,

Um, I'm guessing you've been busy with 4 (almost 5!) little people of your own? Maybe that's where you've been? You're anonymous, so I'm just guessing here... :)

Well depth: hm...deep enough?
Kind of pump: hm...cast-iron hand pump painted green?

We had the hand pump installed on the existing well-head, so it just runs parallel to the original well. I watched him put it in, and it was really cool, but all the things I learned don't help me at all as far as answering your questions go! Sorry!

Yeah, I picture. I'm going to have to plead guilty due to chaos on that one. But I'm PLANNING to do one for next year though...does that help? :)

Anonymous said...

That was a good guess...duh, I shouldn't just ASSUME you'd know who anonymous was! Thanks for the info...or lack thereof! :) It's always good to chat! Happy February reading...I've got a stack to work through too! Woohoo!