Friday, August 3, 2012

Reading Record: July

I have NO idea how I managed to read this many books last month, but I got all the 5th grade books pre-read, so we're officially ready to start school next week!


Beloved's Bride said...

How did you do it? Honestly! I only got 1 read! And, I am still working on the 2nd one that I started last month for this month! I must start posting my books like this! It will keep me focused!

Was the book "inside Afghanistan good?

Jamie said...

The first six books in the pile were read while my husband was still gone...I think that's the secret. When he's around I'd rather spend time with him than read, and of course there is more laundry, more cooking, more WORK in general when he's home. (But I like him anyway!) And if I compare reading piles with you it's not fair, because I don't have a cute little bundle distracting me like you do! :)

After being so disappointed with Prisoners of Hope, I REALLY enjoyed Inside Afghanistan. While it's not a missionary story per se, John Weaver writes as a man who loves God and loves the Afghani people, and he gives a good sense of the FEEL of the country, which is what I really wanted. I'll be letting my girls read it (they'll be 11 by then) because I couldn't find anything objectionable in it...war and violence are mentioned...but that's real life, and it's not graphic or glorified in the book, so I'm ok with it. Definitely a parental pre-read, since every parent has different standards, but as a grown-up I really liked it! :)

Beloved's Bride said...

Thanks. I will see if I can find it here! YOu will have to start telling me which one was your favorite read!

Those business trips allow me to get reading done as well. I agree. I would rather have him home. He flew with the Savannah guys a couple of weeks ago. He has a trip your way and I am hoping to go with him. I will let you know if it works out. Meanwhile though we get the key to our house this Friday and the Semi rolls in on Monday!