Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gifts You're Glad You Can't Smell

My children decided to make me some early birthday and Mother's Day presents:

First they gathered some purple and white wildflowers and greenery
and wrapped the stems in a skunk cabbage leaf.
Have you ever smelled skunk cabbage?
It came by its name honestly.

Then they made multiple trips up our back hill to get the supplies to make me these two beautiful yellow wreaths 

out of Scotch Broom.

The leftover supplies joined my collection of "too beautiful to hide inside" bouquets on the front porch. 

Who needs roses?!?
I've got noxious weeds colorful flowers on my front porch!
Happy (early) Mother's Day!


Beloved's Bride said...

lovey flowers! Happy Mother's Day.

Amy said...

haha - oh I miss those girls! and you!