Sunday, August 18, 2013

Four Days Later

Four days after our first visit to Mt. Rainier, the kids and I went back again,
but this time we took Grandma!

We took an easier one mile hike that had plenty of views like this one.

Our destination was Myrtle Falls,

and this was the view looking up from the top of the falls.

Half of the kids thought the bridge was great
(the other half weren't so sure it was engineered properly), 

and they were all delighted to make a new friend
(from a distance).

Such a beautiful hike... too beautiful to only visit twice...


Beloved's Bride said...

I love that area... so beautiful.

Laura Murphy said...

Hi Jamie! Say hi to your precious mom for me! I finally found your blog (it's hard to find!) and had so much fun catching up on some of your old posts. You can find me over at Our interests are very similar. LOVE the library!

Laura (Daggett) M.