Friday, January 16, 2009

On the 16th Day of January

4 gallon bags of frozen, crushed tomatoes and juice - thawed and cooked
8 1/4 quarts of spaghetti sauce - cooked and canned
5 quarts of concentrated tomato soup stock - canned
5 pints of tomato juice - canned
3 pints of tomato juice - frozen
12 cookies baked for snack-time - and eaten!
12 slices of ham for lunch tomorrow
5 pints of diced ham - diced and frozen
1 ham bone and 2 cups of chopped ham scraps - frozen
1 ice cube tray of ham drippings - frozen
1 chuck roast with new potatoes, gravy and green beans for dinner
2 pints of beef soup stock - frozen
1 pint leftover roast - shredded and frozen

1 chest freezer - sorted and organized
1 fridge/freezer - sorted and organized
3 dishwasher loads - washed and put away
2 loads of hand washing - drip drying
1 stove-top with burned-on tomato juice - cleaned

6 phone calls
1 visitor
1st grade schoolwork - done in the kitchen
Kindergarten schoolwork - done in the kitchen
1 cranky toddler - cuddled

1 lost tooth
1 exhausted mommy

Hm.  I count more than 12 hours spent in the kitchen today.  I think I'll wait until tomorrow to bake my bread.  :)

1 comment:

Amy said...

oh my. I am in awe.

I will make the difficult choice to feel inspired instead of totally imtimidated.

*getting off my butt to go get some work done* :P