Monday, November 10, 2008


I like to re-use things whenever I can, and these old peanut butter containers have worked really well as change jars!  They're plastic, so I don't have to worry about them breaking if they get dropped, and they don't get unmanageably heavy when they're filled with coins, either.  
These particular change jars came in very handy a few weeks ago when we began to run low on cash.  I took them in and converted all of our coins into "paper money" (as our kids call it), and we had $153.83 worth of coins!  I know people who throw away pennies instead of going to the trouble of storing them.  The coin counting machine told us that we had 1563 pennies -- which is well worth the trouble of storing them, if you ask me!


KaraBeagle said...

We have similar dishes and savings jars. (One is a huge baby bottle from when K was's half full and no one budges it--woe to the thief who herniates himself trying!)

Fortunately, on only two occasions have we had to raid our change bowls...once because the were overflowing, to the tune of $60 plus.

In our little car, we have little storage place between the front seats and whenever we go to the store (or DQ!) we always pay in bills and put the change in the tray. Then every Sunday morning K takes it and puts it in the wagon at church...I'm sure it adds up to $100/year that we never even miss!

And it's fun to watch K, now an "older kid", give his change away to littler kids so they can have the joy of throwing money in the wagon!

KaraBeagle said...

PS, your color choices look oddly familiar...hmmmm

Tereza said...

I use those jars for storinr raisins, coconut, choc chips etc in the cupboard