Thursday, November 20, 2008

Color-full Cans

Crayons never stay "nice and neat" in their boxes in this house, nor do they ever stay in one piece.  My solution is the Crayon Can, a huge old coffee can, washed and re-used for over 6 years now.  

Colored pencils used to at least make it INTO their box, but they were always getting broken in the process, until I introduced this cheap storage solution -- the Toddler Puffs can.  And I'm not admitting how long I've had THIS one!  :)

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KaraBeagle said...

Yes, we also had a crayon can too. It was an old cookie tin, I think, 9 inches around and 4 inches was HEAVY. After a while, all the 1-inch pieces of crayon look dark blue. A good way to weed them out is to use them to color candles (if you can still find parafin to make candles with?) or to use them in other crafts where they get melted onto waxed paper or things like that. I think you can grate them and sprinkle them in an artful fashion between sheets of waxed paper, or parchement paper and then melt them into pretty stained glass type pictures.

By the way, we buy crayola brand because we have found that some of the cheaper brands are practically worthless...and I'll be we have some crayons in our can that are decades old!! :)