Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cheap Haircut



I cut my own hair for the first time!  :)  I cut my girls' hair a few months ago, and it was SO easy that I thought, Hey, why not try cutting my own?  I looked up some different methods online, and found three that I wanted to try, so I started long and worked up.  (And no, I didn't change the color.  It's all lighting and a different camera.)

1st method:  After washing my hair, I combed it all straight up and put a ponytail in at the top (center) of my head.  I combed the ponytail straight up, grabbed it as high as I could reach and cut about 8 inches off.  I took out the ponytail and combed out my hair again, but didn't like it.  It was layered, just like the "how-to" article said it would be, but the longest layer looked like I hadn't cut anything off.  So I tried the second method.

2nd method:  I flipped my hair upside-down and combed it all out, then cut straight across.  I combed it all out (right-side-up again) and it was shorter, but still not right.  On to the third method!  (Good thing I started with REALLY long hair!)

3rd method:  I parted my hair straight down the middle, going all the way down the back of my head, and pulled all the hair to the front.  I cut some more length off to make it easier to manage, then cut both sides evenly at the length I wanted and made sure the two sides matched.  I then pulled the top layer (all the hair above my ears) up out of the way and combed out the underneath layer.  I cut it about 1/2 inch shorter, and combed everything down together.  Done!  And I like it!  :)


Angie said...

I just happened to find your blog this evening and wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your posts. We are a one income homeschooling family with 5 kids. I too love ideas on thrift, reusing and repurposing. I will visit here often!!


KaraBeagle said...

When G and I were first married, Mom gave me her old clippers (decades old, for sure!) and I started cutting G's hair. I had always cut L's hair anyway, with scissors. One day, I really slipped and left G with a really thin spot on one side. But, gracious man that he was, when asked about it at work, he did not point the finger at me, but simply lied (bless this lie!) and said, "I sneezed when I was getting my hair cut."

The comments over the years from his mother went from, "Goodness! Who cut your hair?" to "I really like that haircut on you." He never let on that it was me. I either wimpered or grinned to myself.

We did replace the clippers over the years and now L cuts her husband's hair and we even pass her a $20 bill to cut G's and K's now too, now and then. I never really liked doing it, but back in the day, it was the frugal thing to do, and I'm happy that it has gone on to the next generation!