Saturday, November 15, 2008

Accidental Air Freshener

Today we discovered yet another side-benefit of letting the kids put things away when we get back from the grocery store.  Earlier in the week, I asked one of the girls to put the box of dryer sheets on top of the new box of laundry soap in the laundry room, which she did.  Yesterday as I was working on laundry, my littlest helper (18 months) knocked it off, and since my hands were full, I left it where it fell and forgot about it.  This morning, after the heater had come on a few times in the night, the entire downstairs smelled fresh flowers.  The scent was strongest in the laundry room, and I finally found the box of dryer sheets where it had fallen -- back down in a corner, on top of one of the heating vents.  And I'm thinking about leaving it there!

1 comment:

Tereza said...

Oh I like that accidental idea!! Might give that one a try! I love the smell of dryer sheets.