Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Not-So-Secret Stash

I keep what used to be a secret stash of cash hidden in my closet.  It wasn't too secret, since my mom and my neighbor know where it is, but my husband didn't know it even existed, and that's how I wanted it.  :)

I collected $20 bills until I had at least $200 in my stash, and I'd add more if I had it.  I didn't tell my husband about it because he gets his own cash out of our account when he needs it.  It was essential, however, that my mom and my neighbor know where it is and how much is in it, because my secret stash exists for the sole purpose of replacing car seats for all four kids in an emergency.

When my husband is away, I am IT.  So, for back-up, our neighbors have temporary Power of Attorney Guardianship and Medical Guardianship paperwork for our kids, and my parents (who live thousands of miles away) have a similar set of paperwork for permanent Guardianship.  That way, if something were to happen to me while my husband is unavailable, the kids would go to someone that we know and trust (and they LOVE!) until either my parents could get here, or my husband could be brought home to take over.  

What does that have to do with replacing car seats?  Imagine that "something happening to me" involves our car, with all four car seats in it, and they are rendered unusable.  Car seats are not cheap to replace, especially when you have to do it four at a time!  I keep that stash of cash on hand so that whoever takes care of my kids will have one less thing to worry about.  In exchange for the huge responsibility and sacrifice they would undertake in a worst case scenario...it's the least I can do!

Oh, and that not-so-secret stash?  It got raided once for groceries this past week before our replacement credit and debit cards arrived.  So, now that my husband knows where it is (yes, I CAUGHT him raiding it a second time!), I gotta think of a new hiding place!  :)


KaraBeagle said...

When Mom makes a quilt, she often puts a hidden pocket in it where cash can be hidden. Twenties can be exchanged for hundreds and take up very little space, and if forgotten, still wash just fine. Just an idea. Hubby would never think to look there.

PS...so GLAD to be out of car seats. The next goal is moving to the FRONT seat...We are more than halfway to driving age...is that scary? How did that time go so fast? He already likes to pretend to drive!!!

BetsCab said...

Like the new blog. I think I recognize the picture in the header:) Glad to hear the girls got their books. I will add to the stash at Christmas - assuming I can remember which ones I sent:)