Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Challenge - Part 13

13 - Specialty Christmas recipes.  You'd think that a recipe written by a chef with a good reputation would be good, right?  Not necessarily.  I searched for and finally found a recipe online for something I wanted to make for a food gift basket for a friend (who is reading this, so act surprised when you get it, okay?).  :)  I made it last night, (and followed the recipe EXACTLY) and packaged it up without trying it first.  Today it occurred to me that I should at least sample it before giving it.  It was horrible.  Awful.  I couldn't even finish the little bit I sampled.

So, because I hate to waste anything, I gave it to the kids for a snack.  They were thrilled!  But the "mmm's" got quieter and quieter, until finally they told me it was too sweet and asked permission to throw the rest out.

Oh well.  Maybe I can find another use for it.  :(  And I've got another recipe to try for that gift basket...but I WILL remember to sample it first!  :)

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