Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Challenge - Part 7

7 - Use up the eggnog.  I use the last eggnog in the carton to make Eggnog Scones.  The first time I tried doing this (over 10 years ago), I really was trying to use up the eggnog, and found a recipe on the back of the eggnog container.  They were SO GOOD that I wanted to make more, but I had thrown out the container without thinking, and the recipe with it!  After a few years of trying, I finally adapted a scones recipe to get that eggnog flavor I was looking for, and now (here comes another confession!) I actually buy the eggnog just so I can make the scones.  At least my intentions were good in the beginning!  :)

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Anonymous said...

another really good use, to make french toast with it... There is a resturant here in town that makes it and it is sooooo good.. they use a baguet bread and soak it in the egg nog over night... YUMMY !

sue in NJ