Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Christmas Challenge - Part 1

My challenge to myself during this Christmas season:  find at least 25 ways I reduce, reuse, recycle, or am otherwise frugal in ways that are specific to Christmas.  (This should be fun!)  :)

1 - (Free) Artificial Tree
I confess.  We usually buy a live Christmas tree.  This year, circumstances being what they are, I was seriously considering having the kids create a tree out of green construction paper and sticking it to the wall.  However, our wonderful neighbors came to the rescue and offered us one of their artificial trees.  Everyone is happy!  The girls got to decorate a tree, Mr. Adorable says "Oooooh" every time he sees it, and I gained a new appreciation for my husband (who usually strings the lights every year).

Our neighbors' generosity in letting us reuse their tree saved us a bundle of money, and I don't have to take it to get it recycled in January, either!  :)

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