Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Challenge - Part 16

16 - Nothing says Christmas like...kumquats!  Perhaps growing up in the southern hemisphere (where Christmas is in the summer) has twisted my thinking slightly, but I was elated to find kumquats at my commissary yesterday.  (Yes, elated!)  :)

Why has the Christmas season become synonymous with cookies and candy and every kind of sweet sugary treat?  This year, none of it appeals to me!  (I know what you are thinking, dear family and friends: who AM I and what I have I done with the REAL me!?!)  :)  My answer this week to the question of Christmas treats:  kumquats.

Kumquats are sweet and sour, convenient (you eat the peel), and bright and cheerful!  I filled up my grandma's antique juicer with them and use them as a centerpiece on the table.  In the past, I have filled a giant vase with red delicious apples, green Granny Smith apples, or a combination of the two, or a tall, narrow vase with cranberries.  Beautiful, convenient, healthy snacks...I mean centerpieces!

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